When you find a Dodo.

This week i got to catch up with some lovely friends and there child and had a lovely day out at Amazon World here on the Isle of Wight. We spent the day wondering around looking at the wondrous animals from Armadillos running around in the dark to flamingos sleeping on one leg. I have been there many times in my life and i still notice different animals and all of the unusual things they do each time. After seeing all of the animals that are full of life and playing around in their cages just before you leave there is a big display on extinction, and with it an enormous statue of a Dodo. You grow up hearing about Dodos as an animal that is extinct, i think this is purely because of Alice in Wonderland. It got me thinking about how amazed i was at seeing all of the animals i could see up close and the little things i noticed, that imagine if you ever got a chance to see a real live Dodo...

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