How to hide and elephant...

Who knows who you could meet when your out and about on your travels.

Yesterday Ellie found and elephant and she played with her all day. When it was time to go home Ellie knew her mother would be angry if she took her friend home, so together they snuck back into her house and began to hunt around the house for things that she could use to disguise the elephant. Her mother didn't notice, the disguise had worked!

Ellie wanted other children who had found new friends to be able to play with them all day, even when it got dark, so she has put together a few tips..

Step 1: Sneak your friend into a colourful room (More distractions)

Step 2: Collect paper and paint and anything that will hep cover up. A good material is paper as you can colour it to match the wall behind it.

Step 3: GET CREATIVE. The colourful the better.

Step 4: Clean up any evidence of making a disguise. So it doesn't raise suspicion.

Step 5: PLAY!

#elephant #girl #hiding #camouflage

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