Imaginary Friend

I moved back to the Isle of Wight the end of last year and ive been desperate to take a little bit of time out and squeeze in going back to my favourite places growing up, i havent been able to take much time off but i managed a quick drive to my favourite beach the other evening, The Duver, if you ever come to the island it is definitely a hidden gem that you need to visit.

Down some winding roads and nestled in a quiet bay is a beach that has grassy hills and a little lake and a beautiful view out to the sea. I loved escaping there when i was younger. i used to spend long summer evenings there having BBQs with my family and playing in the sea, and also running along the sandy grassy hills and playing games.When i saw the colour Serenity for this weeks Colour Collective i could only think if these peaceful summer memories.

I decided to use my favourite place as inspitarion as it perfectly described how i used to feel. A little boy fishing i thought would sum up this peaceful feeling and so he is not lonely his imaginary friends has come along so he can catch his fish. Of course when you go fishing you have to take a picnic...

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