Mixing up a storm

I can't believe its now October, the year has gone by so quickly, it means that all the halloween illustrations can begin! (Although its always a good time of year to draw, witches, vampires and trolls) As its only the beginning of the month i didn't want to dive straight into scary so i decided to keep it subtle. A little witch making potions...

I first began with an idea (albeit a memory from my childhood) of mixing up all of the bubble baths, and soaps and shampoos to make a 'potion' which would be bright yellow, which was the colour for this weeks colour collective. What can i say some children liked to kick a football, or climb trees, i apparently like to mix potions. From there the scene developed and it wasn't long untill there was a dissaproving mum at the door, my mum was never impressed as she'd always have to clean it ( and buy more shampoo)

#potion #witch #bathroom #mum #girl

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