What's in the attic?

Did you ever bring back a pet when you were child and had to hide it from your parents? I bet it was something small like a bug or something you had found in the garden or on your way home from school. As a child its only natural to have a soft spot for something lonely or injured...

I bet it was never a dinosaur, or even if you were lucky enough to find an animal i bet you wish it was a dinosaur! and where better to hide him from your parents than in the attic, amognst the old christmas decorations and old sports equipment. This dinosur had to make an appearence when the colour collective colour of Chatruese was announced.

I recently have had to have some time off work for an operation, so it has been a couple of weeks since i have been back at my desk and used my cintiq. I did take my sketchbook to hospital as i had a lot of time to myself to think and whilst i was recovering i have been sketching a lot of my old thoughts and memeories from when i was a child which was my inspiration for this weeks piece.

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