Ladybirds in the garden

I woke up early and glanced out of my window to find it was finally a sunny day, i hurried out into the garden to put my washing on the line as i was fed up with spreading my clothes aroudn the house to dry. When i got to hangin up the last few items of clothing i realised the only space on the washing line was high up near the tree, my really tall fiance thought, at the time, that this was a clever idea to tie the washing line to the tree, bearing in mind he only put the washing out occasionly. So i pulled out a patio chair and climbed on to it and begun hanging my socks inbetween the tree.

As i was weaving the line between the branches and leaves i noticed on virtually every leaf was a lady bird, all curled up, on some of them there were two or three. There were ladybirds everywhere. It was such a lovely sight that i had never seen before. With this wave of inspiration came my idea for the weeks colour collective, which happened to be Fire Engine Red, the perfect red for Ladybirds.

With my new found inspiration i rushed off to doodle, and came up with a little explorer, which was just like me, (minus the washing) that came across something she did not expect to find. It is amazing what beauty you can see on a daily basis when you take a moment to step back (and see the ladybugs! )

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