Cave Girl

Have you ever wondered how people used to paint, before tubes were available at shops and before drawing tablets and cintiq's?

This weeks colour collective i used to discover the answer.

As an illustrator i am drawing for most of my day, even when relaxing in the evening i sketch. I find it hard to get out of this habbit as this is something i have done from a very young age and i couldn't imagine life without it. This made me think this week as what would i have done if i was alive back then. Back before there was paper, paint or pencils, let alone computers :)

My illustration this week shows what i would have done to stay sane back then. I started off drawing my character and every character that i designed had BIG hair so this decision was easy to make. After my charcter developed i imagined her stood in a cave but i did not want it too be dark at all but just give the impression of a cave, so the cave background became more of a mural on the wall with a white background, which i think worked out better than a full double page spread coloured up to full bleed. It was great fun to create the cave drawings as these were simply and sketchy and very free and something which i dont normally do but i loved it! With the colour this week being Corn it was easy to decide how the little girl was to make her paint. I kept it simple and introduced other elements for other colours (you couldnt get much simplier than sticks and berries to make paint). So here it is my cave girl painting, she is telling us her story of her life:


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