The Perfect Catch

You cant beat being by the sea, the fresh sea breeze blowing against your face and the soft sand between your toes, and if your lucky the warm sun beating down on your face.

I was lucky enough to visit my parents last week and go back to where i grew up, the wonderful Isle of Wight. As i was sat there on tues afternoon, on a windy day in the warmish sun looking out towards the mainland, I thought what better setting this could be for an illustration. I could see it right infront of me, i wish i had took a picture of the view that day so you could see my inspiration behind this image but you will just have to take my word of how lovely it was. So even on my mini holiday i couldn't resist doing some work, its like an obsession.

The colour collective was blue grey and initially i did think about a whale but discounted it as i thought it would be a large blank space of a colour i was unsure about, but as soon as i was sat on the beach i new i had found the setting for him. Being an illustrator its only natural that as i started doodling the scene a father son fishing trip appeared, taking place on the S.S Bucket, i thought there was no better name for a little row boat. Anyway im going to stop my ramblings and let you see the image that i created for the Isle of Wight, it shows that inspiration can strike you anywhere so i encourage you to take your sketchbook, pencil and sandwiches and go out for the day and see where you end up and what picture ends up being created, ENJOY!


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