The Night Ninjas

On a Saturday morning when the colour for the collective is first announced, i always go across to Penny Neville-lees page in anticipation, this week when i saw it was Lamp Black i knew it was going to be a challenge but i was excited for it. After day of deliberation i decided to pusue a ninja idea, i havent done a colour collective with a lot of characters so i thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to try it.

The night holds all sorts of secrets, and all sorts of characters come to life at night, so what better place than to create my own world an environment for this weeks colour collective and my ninjas. I wanted to include buildings this week as its something i havent explored much with my illustration and its something i want to do more of in the future as in this image i have only touched on the rooftops, so watch this space. The colours for this image really centered around the black of the ninjas, but i wanted to add a bit more warmth and glow to the image so in the ninja suits i added highlights of purple and doing this really did dictate my colour scheme and in developed as i went along. I hope you enjoy looking at this image and discovering the little character traits that i enjoyed adding in.

Here is my illustration for the Night Ninjas, i thought it would be great to show just where ninjas get their throwing stars from...


This image has definitely got my creativity flowing and just by calling it the Night Ninjas i have an idea for a story, so if i get the time i may even begin to rough out a story which will be loosely inspired by this image.

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