Under The Sea

When saying the three words under the sea, the song from Disneys Little Mermaid is always at the front of my mind (whilst im typing this i am even humming the tune) so when it came to this weeks colour collective of Cobalt Turquoise Light and i decided to do a mermaid, i really wante to make sure i stayed away from the well known sterotype, even though the red hair would have gone so well with a turquoise tail.

I really wanted to create a colourful piece this week as the weather has been so bright and sunny up here in Lincoln. To ensure this after i have sketched a new piece of work out i always do a very rough colour test (you will see this soon, when i publish a process post) this means that i can make sure im happy the colours before i spend time colouring. When i was happy i started to colour. I did leave colouring this image till quite late as i was quite daunted by an under water scene. I have never done an under water scene before so this was a challenge. i thought i sould tackle it this week as it was my favourite colour so the picture and design it self was easier than previous weeks. As an illustrator you never seem to make things easy for yourself!


I am glad i took on the underwater challenge I had a lot of fun and i have wanted to create a piece that had a look of detail in the hair for a long time and the under water scene allowed this. I had a lot of fun doing this piece and I hope you enjoy it.

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