An idea from an idea

This weeks colour collective was Burnt Umber, yes Brown, a colour that me and along with other creatives were afraid of. Many ideas ran through my head such as, marmite, chocolate cake, brown hair but all my brain would go back to was mud! Sometimes briefs are tricky and it feels like you are banging your head against a wall, any job can be like this, some work will always be easier than others.

On one of my rare nights off i took my sketchbook out to the garden and just started sketching and before i knew it i had an inside outside room and with it i wasnt sure what to do with it, and then i thought more about brown and the trees and suddenly a bear came to mind, i normally wouldnt colour a bear i burnt umber but a softer brown but i was getting desperate as it was wednesday and the collective post on a friday!

So after i had decided to draw a bear, i thought more about what i wanted to draw not what i should be drawing and once again my love of fairytales sufaced and soon i had added Goldilocks to the scene. This would turn out to be a great idea as yellow and gold go really well with brown. It really does go to show that an idea can come from anywhere and dont give up! The colour collective isnt a deadline like my work deadlines and if you dont get it done there are no repercussions but if i start something i like to finish it. I am so glad i made the deadline, as it gives me a reason to do something for myself each week ( even though it adds to my work load) I find this really important being an illustrator as it keeps my other work going too!

When it was time for me to post the work many other amazing pieces were posted and amoung them were some incredible bears :) so it shows that great minds think a like. The challenge of colour collective really keeps my creative mind going. Here is the piece i created:


Next weeks colour is turquoise which is my favourite colour so this week i am to face the challenge of living up to it and this week i have to many ideas, so watch this space to see what i come up with.

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