Colour Collective!

For the past few weeks i have been joining in with the wonderful #colour_collective over on twitter, which was created by the lovely Penny Neville-Lee, Each week is a different colour and can be any theme and any medium, so it allows you to have lots of fun with the piece. All you have to do is create a piece in the colour and post on a friday evening at 7:30pm on twitter with lots of other fabulous creatives, and the the discussion begins!

I have created a few pieces for this collective and this week it was Pastel Pink, so i could not resist in creating a piece with lots of sweets and i naturally started doodling out hansel and gretel in a land of biscuits and treats! Next week is going to be hectic as work starts on an amazing project ( it's all a bit hush hush at the moment but its something ive wanted to do since leaving uni) so i may not have time to take part, but i hope this encourages you to check out the colour collective over on twitter and even try it out for yourself, you wont be dissapointed!


#fairytale #sweets

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