From Book to Picture

As an Illustrator i love nothing more than interpretting stories, afterall thats my job and i love it! even when i read stories at night before bed i am often visualing every part and detail in an image, i just cant help it! Almost every evening when i read i end up doing a doodle as ive had an idea! Sometimes they can need some work to become the final piece that you see ( I will be posting a few work in progresses soon!) but it doesn't matter as long as you keep drawing that is the main thing in illustration your brain never seems to switch off. From the one small brainwave a piece can be created!

As I work freelance i often find myself up all hours of the night drawing and colouring a piece of work that couldnt possibly have waited till morning to do as i got to entanced in the idea, I never realise the time and thats because i love what i do and even at 1 oclock in the morning with a cup of tea, its still my idea of the best job in the world!

Back to reading. I have recently started reading Peter Pan! I want to read the classics as ive seen the Disney films ALOT! but im not that familiar with the orignal stories. As i was reading the story i wished i was there in neverland, And then this happened...


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